Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Homemade Muesli - the best muesli I have every eaten (Sugarless)

When you are living alone, it makes sense to eat outside... It's easier on one hand but when raising a child along with you, one cannot often afford that luxury... I would anyhow need to cook for the kid, so I might as well cook a little more and eat the same food... Thank fully my son has reached the toddler age and we kinda eat similar food with his food a lot more mashed up than mine... I will write a separate post on what I feed my son now... but this is all about making breakfast easy!

You see - its simple to make dosa batter during the weekend. It would last a week for me if I were to make 2 dosas per day... But the idea of eating dosa and chutney podi / pickle gets boring and the dosa batter is no longer fresh on thursday morning inspiring me to add some veggies to make adai... Well long story short, when you are living alone - taking care of one's health is of primary importance. I can't afford to fall sick with a toddler depending on me and eating dosa made of old batter is guaranteed to make me go into depression over sour dosas if not make me sick! Plus I have DH's orders for me to eat healthy in his absence!!! 

And so - I decided that I would eat dosas for some days of the week and since I am a huge fan of make ahead foods Muesli is something else that I make on a routine basis.

Because I promised DH that my ingredient list would be fairly simple I am sharing my super simple, tasty and filling muesli recipe.

Oats - 2 cups
Honey - 1/2 cup
Coconut Oil  - 1/2 cup
Add Ins (2 cups)

I have used the following add ins. Feel free to browse your pantry and add what ever catches your fancy. I have added 
Nuts - Almonds/Walnuts
Dried Fruits - raisins / fresh apricots
Soulful ragi bites
Kelloggs Corn flakes , wheat flakes, honey loops.

Take one cup of oats in a bowl, add honey and oil and some chopped fresh apricots.

I used the oven as shown in the picture.
Spread the oat-honey-oil mixture in a tray and cook till roasted (it took me 10 min).
Stir half way.

I have used the microwave many times and it comes out equally well.
Use a microwave safe bowl, microwave for 4 min, stirring every 1 minute to ensure equal roasting.

Do not have a microwave or an oven? How do you think indians used to cook? Take a thick bottom kadai and roast the mixture the way we are traditionally used to roasting in sim flame. Keep roasting for 10 min and it will be done.

In a large airtight container, assemble the roasted oat mixture, remaining one cup of raw oats, and all the add ins. No need to add what I have added. DH loves Kellogg chocos, whereas I love my ragi bites... So it s all about what you wanna add   eat.

Take a bowl of your home made muesli, top with banana if using, and milk and enjoy your guilt free sugar free muesli. 

Stay healthy! There's a reason why they say "health is wealth".

Of course, no one is going to judge you if you eat store-bought muesli than take the trouble to do it all 
I have been there, done that as well.... We all have one of those days!


  1. Looking good! I remember the hassle of cooking just for one, it was a big pain, and very depressing when you see the leftover pile up in the fridge and realise that you are the only one who is going to have to eat that same boring dal for 3 days straight LOL.
    I make my own oat granola too, in fact, I have a plan to make a batch this week :-)

    1. Thank you Cyn... I think I love to cook and it's one area where I unwind :D My plan is to post simple indian recipes that can be cooked within 15 minutes having ingredient lists that are less than 5 items :D This should inspire the hubby is technically challenged when it comes to cooking! And any one else wanting to try indian cooking - south indian cooking is relatively simple compared to North in my opinion...