Saturday, 22 June 2013

Davengere Benne Dosa - Basavanagudi - Review

The husband and I are huge dosa lovers. We have dosa for breakfast on most days and when we do not feel like eating at home, we search for restaurants offering dosa for breakfast. 
Predictable lot aren't we?
We decided to hit the Davengere Benne Dosa joint near our home to have breakfast and I had to snap the pictures to show them to you. I have no idea how Benne Dosa originated from Davengere but this is a Darshini-style restaurant hat has carved a name for itself quite well. If you are not familiar with the word - darshini-style restaurant : it basically describes the fast-food kind of restaurant that has originated within the last 10 years in Bangalore where you can order south-indian dishes on the go and the restaurant has limited(occasionally) or most likely no seating capacity ! Which means you order your dosa and filter coffee (like most people do) and stand and finish your plate and go. It is much like how street-food is served and the very first Darshini-style restaurant that I had ever been to was Upahar Darshini situated on DBG road in Bangalore. Many such restaurants have opened up and today we are discussing the Davengere Benne Dosa and why it has carved a niche for itself in the Darshini market in Bangalore.


Before I go into detail - I would like to point out to you that the speciality of Davengere Benne Dosa joints is that their potato palya has no seasoning apart from salt. It looks just like mashed potatoes and I assume that they have just added a good quantity of butter and salt while mashing them. Having been used to the spicy aromatic masala dosa palyas, I find them a little bland in taste. 


This is a crispy dosa served with the traditional mashed potato-style palya and a watery chutney. I found the dosa to be extremely crispy as shown in the picture below. 

I love my south indian spices though ! So inspite of the aromatic buttery smell, I found this dosa to be bland for my taste buds!


Open dosa in certain restaurants have a lot of  things going on : some podi , raw vegetables, palya, chutney - over here , it was a more simplistic affair. But it hit the mark with the taste :) The dosa is sprinkled with a spicy chutney podi and topped with the mashed-potato-style palya and thick blob of chutney. The spices in the chutney podi complement the buttery- crisp dosa and the flavor of the butter and the podi complement the buttery-potato palya and everything falls into place !

I would definitely visit again to have the open dosa :) 

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  1. Even I like hot dosa for breakfast..But remember that it should be hot..else i do not like having..And I like Masala dosa in particular..

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