Friday, 26 April 2013

My cast Iron Tawa

I wrote this post in June 2010 after a lot of research on what kind of dosa tawa to buy(we are big dosa-eaters in our family). This post came about after the only dosa tawa I had (which was non-stick in case you are interested) had to be replaced after just one year of use. You see , for optimum usage you need to replace your non stick cookware every year because the nonstick teflon coating will only stay for one year. Most of us use it for way too long thereby inadvertently consuming poison. In an effort to not do that and to have good quality life-long utensils : I ended up with my own analysis , and an iron dosa tawa.
To this day, this post has garnered the maximum attention on my blog. This is the post that brings people back to this blog from search engines... And it remains a popular post : so I am assuming many people are on the look out for good quality Iron tawas. 

This post is thus a tribute to all of you looking for Iron tawas - who have come onto my website. It is beyond time I share some pics of the tawa. This is the same iron tawa I bought way back in 2010. I use it almost everyday. I repeat , we are big dosa-eaters out here, and have dosa for breakfast nearly every single day of the week.

So there : a picture of me making set dosa today morning on my tawa.


  1. Not to mention most maids will not take care of non-stick coating ustensil well reducing their lifespan even quicker :( After many battles with many maids on how NO you don't need to scrub the crap out of the kadai that just a little soap on the sponge part of the sponge scrubber will suffice and that NO it is not a vessel in wich you can dump all the forks and spoons to drain them, and that NO you do not use metal ustensils to cook in them. I switched to hard annodized kadai and tawas. I have only one big dutch oven that has a non stick coating because spending 7-8k on a cast iron one for something I don't use daily is out of question, but the maid is banned from using that one ever, it's high up on a shelf she can't reach, and when I use it I wash it myself as well.
    I was actually surprised to see how few cast iron products are available on the market around here, because on top of conducting heat much better than aluminum pans they also infuse the food you cook in them with extra iron, and last a lifetime. Granted they are heavier, but maybe that was the secret of our ancestor to stay fit ;-)

    1. Hey Cyn,

      Hru doing? I regularly check your blog for updates.. really loved ur balcony btw... I would love to sit there and sip tea , absolutely beautiful...

      LOL at the battles with maids. I don't own any nonstick kadais now thanks to the way they are treated by maids as you mentioned :) I have this iron one which has to be seasoned from scratch each time my maid scrubs the crap out of it but that is ok :) You see - everytime I have a similar conversation with my maid : I end up consoling myself that they lack basic common sense because they are indeed uneducated, else they would have a better job than scrubbing my house clean. What can I say? I chose my battles, and I have resigned in this matter.

      Btw- I do not know from where you get 7-8k worth cast iron utensils... Are you looking at imported branded cast iron cookware online??? Go to your local utensil shop : the small ones like the one you find in Jayanagar 4th block complex selling utensils, utensil stands and the like : they also have unbranded, unseasoned cast iron utensils for a meager 100 - 200rs. It takes a little effort to sand the utensil, clean it up, and season it for use. But worth it : cuz we both know it is going to last a lifetime!

  2. Darn I should have gone to Jayanagar when I lived in Bangalore, because I haven't found an ustensil shop in my neighbourhood other than the stuff you find in supermarkets that are costly and not so good quality. I bought my hard anodized kadai and tawa in Bangalore in a ustensil shop in Koramangala, I haven't seen the good old cast iron things.
    I would have loved a cast iron crockpot/dutch oven, but short of "le creuset" whcih is indeed in the 8+ K range I haven't found anything and I am not willing to go for one at that price, hence the aluminum and non stick coated one I got, my main requirement was no plastic handles because some recipes require you start cooking on the stove and then shove the dish in the oven, and cast iron is what works the best for that.
    Another thing I want to get is a skillet/griddle, the one that is designed to grill meat and vegetables directly on the stove with grooves to drain the juice out, I already have a hard anodized flat bottomed frying pan I use regularly. Cast iron skillets just get hotter and keep the heat longer letting you grill things to perfection though :)